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Angkor Wat has a mystical appeal that lies somewhere between the Dalai Lama, Sir Ian McKellan and Farrah Fawcett. So can you imagine having a dinner party at the 12th century Cambodian temple complex? It sounds epic. There are few things better than a boisterous dinner party. People love boring you with the idea that breakfast is the most important meal of the day (normally people wearing nylon shorts, staring haughtily at your waistline, munching loudly on a stub of celery) but their point remains - and frankly, they're wrong. Breakfast? No, no. Dinner is the undisputed king of meals, and what better way to enjoy it than in Angkor Wat?

When sightseeing tours end in the early evening – with gigabytes of footage shot and temples exhausted from posing – you can waltz into the historic site with the help of Le Méridien Angkor. You hop on a bus or a tuk tuk and travel to the complex where you’re greeted by folk musicians and spearmen. Which is a hilarious thought. Spearmen? What do they do when they’re not spearing? PlayStation?

You can eat at Prasat Thommanom (at the front of the Victory Gate outside Angkor Thom) or at Prasat Kravan (a group of ruins located on the eastern side of Angkor Wat) with groups ranging from 40 people to 200. Which, despite its labelling, probably doesn’t qualify as a dinner party - but it is, critically, catered to a very high standard. The meal is also punctuated by a dance performance from an ‘Apsara Heavenly Nymph’ which is a delight in itself.

You'll lick the plate clean.

Dinner at Angkor Wat with Le Méridien Angkor
Tel: +855 63 963 900


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