Wanderlust Hotel Cool Design Hotel in Singapore


The Wanderlust Hotel is a new boutique destination in Singapore that would have you swanning around Bond-like in a white dressing gown: the universal symbol of happiness. Who knows, you'll probably discover a new found fondness for fancy crustaceans as well as an ability to wear leather and handle nuclear waste. It's that cool.

It features four distinctly themed levels – Industrial Glam, Eccentricity, Is it just Black and White, and Creature Comforts – each of which has been styled by four of Singapore’s most imaginative design firms. Different features range from neon lighting to friendly monsters, making it a place to tell your grandparents about rather than take them.

The hotel’s located in Little India in a building that was built in the 1920s but as soon as you step inside you feel they must have cracked inter-stellar transportation. Aside from the incredible styling, they’re also offering some special opening rates with prices starting at SGD 180.

You’re losing money if you don’t go.

Wanderlust Hotel, Singapore
Prices: from SGD 180
Location: 2 Dickson Road, Singapore 209494
Telephone: +65 6396 3322
Website: www.wanderlusthotel.com


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