Wednesday, 18.10.2017

Qatar Airways Specials Great Fares to Europe


Partner Pulsit: For whatever reason we do it, we all love to travel. Whether it's to discover new destinations, delve into ancient cultures, follow our taste buds through foreign markets, and capture a new world through the view finder, or something as simple as heading home to see family and friends, we find ourselves jumping on planes at an increasing rate. You know something else we all love? It's value. We're not exactly counting the copper or cutting out coupons but we like a deal when we can get it, and we like to get what we want, at a price that feels right.

Next time you're planning a trip to Europe, think about award-winning Qatar Airways, the world's five star airline. Not only do you have the chance to stop in at the camel races, desert safaris and ancient souks of Doha along the way, but they'll take you to the Motherland in style, with some of the best fares available.

In fact, if you book online before March 31st (for travel before May 31st), you can fly to any of 17 European destinations , including London, Madrid, Paris and Rome, as well as their new destinations Budapest, Bucharest, Brussels and Stuttgart, for just HK$2,890 up (exclusive of taxes and surcharges). Be sure to check out the airline's website for their regular web-only specials and get packing.

Because time waits for no man.

Qatar Airways Special Fares to Europe
17 Destinations from HK$2,890 ++ (exclusively for online bookings):
Hong Kong Special Offers


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