Propeller Island City Lodge Eclectic Backpackers in Berlin


Does the rat race, this constant, relentless mad dash towards materialism ever get you down? Do you sometimes crave for conversation where the Dow Jones isn't mentioned, where a 'hedge fund' is really a gardening bill, and where the only fat cats you'll find are sitting in the laps of grannies?

We live in a city ruled by money; where girlfriends ask for financial compensation after break-ups (not with us mind, but it does happen to the more feeble), where price tags are worn like trophies (and trophy wives like price tags) and where art is a commodity, not an expression.

Berlin's Propeller Island City Lodge is a serum for the senses, a place where nothing makes sense but everything has a purpose. Designed for those weary of consumption (and those travelling Germany on a budget), the 30 rooms at Propeller Island are eclectic to say the least.

There is a tubular asylum-looking room with three terraced beds, a room where the floor is on a slant and the bed flies, one dressed like a child's fantasy castle, and one with a revolving bed under gabled ceilings. 

Clearly a place where fantasies, of all kinds, come to life.

Propeller Island City Lodge
From €69
Albrecht Achilles Str. 58, Berlin, Germany
Telephone: +49 30 891 9016


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