Darwin to Cairns: Chinta Tours Luxury Journey Through Aussie Outback


As aghast as we know you'll be, we fear some of our coddled cohorts might have lost their manly ways. Contrary to some opinions, 'roughing it' is not being more than a ten minute walk from a soy frappe, or taking home a hostess from a budget airline. Nor it is having to devour Parmesan loaf without hand-pressed olive oil, having to wait in line at your next Lady Gaga-themed orgy, or wearing a tie made by...sigh...Sri Lankan silk worms. Boys, you can still hit the open road and play witness to the world without having to get your hands too dirty.

Perhaps you can head Down Under to combine your lavish lifestyle with a bit of the harder stuff, with a Chinta Tours journey between Darwin and Cairns. You'll fly by private air charter, explore the flood plains of the crocodile-infested Mary River by air boat, tour the famed Kakadu National Park by 4x4 “troopi” and fish in the Gulf of Carpentaria where the fish are bigger than the winning HK7s team.

In between days of sun-drenched manliness, you'll stay in luxury tented accommodation at the likes of Bamurru Plains, one of Aussie's top wilderness camps, drink wine flown in by chopper and feast on gourmet 'bush tucker' straight from the grills of your own Land Cruiser.

“That's not a knife! This is a knife!”

Darwin to Cairns by Chinta Tours
Six nights including accommodation and meals.
Rates from AU$12,200 pp for a group of 4.
Book before Dec 31 for 10% discount.


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