Bubble Tree Unique Accommodation in France


When you think of France, you would be forgiven for thinking of chain smoking moustachioed men, catwalk-clad lovelies at every corner, and the scent of perfume and baguettes in the air.

When it comes to a place to rest your weary head, you'd usually think chic urban retreats, rustic villas surrounded by ancient vineyards and regal gilded chateaus begging for masquerade parties, a la Eyes Wide Shut. But if you've done all the wine drinking and orgy hosting you can handle, maybe it's time to let nature be the voyager?

Bubble Tree specialize in making truly unique hotel rooms, from transparent domes in the middle of a forest, right through to practical and eye-catching spherical tree houses, which have been adopted by a range of B&Bs across the French country side, including Nuit Nature in Haute Savoie and Sky River at Evry.

You can even order your own dome hideaway for your Lamma backyard or impromptu weekends away in Sai Kung.

Tree houses use a unique technology to give the hut stability without affecting the tree's growth, while the Crystal Bubble range are easy to install and offer a unique take on the environment around you.

Go on, freak Mother Nature out.

Bubble Tree
Bubbles from € 7,796 plus shipping


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