Wheel2Wheel Asian Motorcycle Adventure for Charity


Three is a pretty magical number, if you think about it. You always have the most luck in your three-piece suit. After three martinis the world takes on a very special sheen, and after three in the morning you're game for just about anything. There were three musketeers, three wise men and three amigos, and in your wildest dreams, three white t-shirt-wearing, pillow-wielding cheerleaders do battle on a three metre-wide water bed that's sprung three significant leaks.

Investment guru-turned-philanthropist Morgan Parker and fashionista Simon Lock are offering a spot on different legs of their Wheel2Wheel motorcycle challenge from Hong Kong to Brisbane, crossing 10 countries and 20,000km in just 100 days.
Apart from a being the coolest midlife awakening, the Wheel2Wheel journey will be raising funds for several notable non-profits, including GECKO in China, Animals Asia in Vietnam, Child's Dream in Laos, and New Hope in Cambodia, and guarantees to be an experience of a lifetime.

The 3rd Wheel will also star in a documentary being made about the journey, so suck in your fears, put down that donut and register your interest now for a truly unique adventure.

After all, you only live thrice.

Register your interest by latest Tuesday, DEC 14!
Departing March 1, 2011


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