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Airlines can be fickle friends. Sometimes they can be great, with their killer deals that see you on the beaches of Boracay, with the friendly locals, before Friday's markets even have a chance to close.

But there can be ways to fight the man; how about a means to carry everything you need on-board, without taking a single piece of luggage for example?

The Sev Carry-On Coat from Scottevest is the perfect travelling companion for when you're headed anywhere less-than-tropical.

With a total of 33 pockets, it has space for everything from your iPhone through to your toiletries, with additional hidden pouches for travel documents and cash.

Made from breathable Teflon-coated material, it means you can throw it onto the security conveyer belt without having to even pause for a self-pat down, while saving on carry on fees in the process.

Sure you might end up looking like a well-packed flasher, but that's a small price to pay to stick it to the man in the sky.

No wonder they have the airlines in a flap.

Sev Carry-On Coat
From US$225

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The perfect travel jacket


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