Twin Palms Holiday in Sinatra's Desert Retreat


Ever sit there with a Montecristo 5, playing with the maraschino stem in your Manhattan, thinking you might have been born a generation or two late? While we can rarely identify with much of our parents' generation, there are some legends who transcend the barriers of popular culture, such as the Rat Pack. Those scotch-swilling, womanizing crooners will forever be icons of a golden era, when spanking was PC, martinis were served at brunch, and a tux was never too formal, even for impromptu pool parties.

Now you can live the 'pack' life at Twin Palms, Sinatra's desert hideaway. With an iconic low-rise design (Sinatra had originally wanted a Georgian mansion), this legendary 4,500sqft Palm Springs palace was built as a weekend escape for Old Blue Eyes and his family back in 1947 (before it became his love nest with Ava Gardner) and has been lovingly restored (time capsule-style) for your next weekend away.

It features four bedrooms, a swimming pool and wet bars at every corner, the chorus girls are still on speed dial, there's a modern but hidden surround sound system, and swagger is the dance style of the day.

“It was a very good year...”

Twin Palms
US$2,150 per night


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