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The holiday away with friends: a chance for plenty of plonks, sun drenched afternoons grazing on baked brie and glasses of voluptuous viognier with those who've made it through your friend filter. Only question is, where to go? You don't want to do the inter-connecting hotel room thing just yet; but you do want somewhere that brings you all together.

Boutique Homes offers a collection of stunningly designed homes scattered across the world for just such holidays. Fancy a cool apartment in the Big Apple or a ski lodge in New Zealand's South Island? How about a Tuscan village for those Under the Tuscan Sun moments, a desert home in Arizona, or a forest hideaway in the UK's Lake District?

The emphasis is on exclusivity, eye-catching design and unique locations – so don't worry, you won't be sharing the beaches and peaks with the masses. Homes come fully furnished and revel-ready, and if you have a beautiful summer property that you're bored of but don't mind sharing, you can sign up as an owner.

And as the host with the most.

Boutique Homes


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