Amanfayun Boutique resort outside Hangzhou


Where has all this modern technology really gotten us. We're more stressed than ever – how many of you have reached for the vibrating phone in your pocket, only to realize it's actually your pulse after seeing the last currency fluctuations, company loss predictions and stock market falls. You need to chill out man, take some time out, to a place where things move at a different pace, as they have for hundreds of years.

Amanfayun, Amanresort's newest treasure outside Hangzhou, a city once described by Marco Polo as the “city of heaven”, offers time travel in a fashion. Carved from an ancient village of 47 restored dwellings that date back to the Tang Dynasty, there is no internet (unless you ask really nicely), and no televisions; the idea is to embrace the tranquility, to go out and explore nature without following your phone's GPS, and to give your mind a little R&R.

You'll spend your days following paths through rice paddies and tea plantations to the seven Buddhist and Taoist temples within walking distance, or cruising the placid waters of West Lake, before returning to tea tastings, a massage in the Aman Spa and perhaps an aged rice wine in the resort's luxurious library.

Feel that pulse slowing already.

22 Fayun Nong, Xihujiedao Xihufengjingmingsheng District,
Hangzhou, China
Telephone: +86 571 8732 9999
From US$580 per night, twin share


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