City Chic by Shanghai Tang Become a Savvy Shanghai Traveller


Many of us plan to head up to Shanghai in the near future; for work, a spot of shopping, the expo, or just to revel in China’s most buzzed-about city, one which is constantly evolving as the nation’s Chic Capital. A new iPhone city guide by Shanghai Tang ensures we make the most of Shanghai's contemporary Chinese chic persona.

This interactive travelogue maps out Shanghai Tang’s in-the-know recommendations for dining, cocktails, culture, hotels and shopping. It’s like being taken under the wing of a suave Shanghainese friend, determined to show you only the very best their city has to offer.

While you’re on the go, you can listen to samples from the recently released Shanghai Tang Lounge Collection, and don’t forget to make the most of the application’s Chic Vouchers, including free travel journals from Shanghai Tang boutiques, and discounts at the Shanghai Tang Café.

Having trouble with the language? Show the cabbies your built in taxi card feature, tap your way directly through to the city's top restaurants to make reservations, or check out the signature cocktails for some of the city's top bars, all from your iPhone.

Because exploration can be thirsty work.

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