Thursday, 23.11.2017

Waterhouse on South Bund


The Bund’s Boutique Blessing

On the Bund, Shanghai’s urban riverscape, foreign embassies and shipping companies once jostled for space with trading firms and financial houses, each of them building towering citadels of stone and iron as testaments to their power. Now many of those rock-faced edifices are being restored and the Bund’s second act is being played out in the same Art Deco inspired halls, with their countless rooms and colonial pomp.

However, one tiny hotel means to add a boutique twist to the Bund’s ranks of architectural dreadnoughts. The 19-room Waterhouse at South Bund, expected to open next month, is located at the new Cool Docks development and if it’s anything like it’s stunning Singaporean sister, super-sexy New Majestic, Shanghai bound travellers are in for a treat. The design of the restored 1930s building blurs the lines between private and public spaces, with double-height timber interiors blended with state-of-the-art technology and a modern elegant persona. Despite its more humble origins, the stunning new Waterhouse represents a fresh beginning for the Bund and the best spot to watch the sun set over its colonial relics is the rooftop terrace bar.

Clearly Shanghai’s second act is a bit more groovy.

Waterhouse at South Bund

Maojiayuan Road 1-3, Huangpu District, Shanghai,

Nuts & Bolts
A new boutique hotel in Shanghai brings a new buzz to the Bund.

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