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Keeping Travel Simple

Booking travel online is not always the easiest thing in the world. There are lots of packages and specials posted online all the time, few of which end up being available when it comes to booking that weekend away. Finding a hotel that’s in the right location and price bracket, all in one go, can be like naked pogo-stick riding – tricky business.

Room Atlas tries to take some of the hassle out of finding the right fit, by combining the info of Trip Advisor, Expedia and with Google Maps, to show you the 'where' and 'how much' of each hotel, in one glance. You can check live availability, look for specific amenities and use filters to narrow down your selection. You can even type in a specific address i.e. your favourite Melbourne cocktail bar or the venue for the Buck’s night in Toronto, and Room Atlas will find the hotels, in your price range, that are closest to that location.

Which mean the roadies can go all night

Room Atlas

Nuts & Bolts

Find a hotel, in the right spot, for the right price


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