EYOS Expeditions Taking Charters to the Next Level


For centuries men have forged their own path, dared to tread beyond the beaten path, questioned what lies beyond the horizon, and sought out the unknown. Adventure is in our blood, but urbanization and globalization have made us a little soft and for many of us the closest thing to adventure in our daily lives is trying soy milk in our lattes. Fortunately, there’s something you can do about that.

EYOS Expeditions is a rather unique charter company; if you’re fortunate enough to have your own yacht, they’ll take it and you places you would never have dreamed of when you first signed away your soul to buy it. If you don’t, they have access to experienced expedition personnel that can take you and your closest comrades on a bespoke superyacht expedition to the world’s most remote locales in style and safety aboard a host of truly epic expedition vessels.

Take the Hanse Explorer for instance; part superyacht, part ice-strengthened expedition ship, the Hanse looks the part among the sleek yachts of Monaco, but it’s in Antarctica, the Russian Far East, the remote island nations of the South Pacific, and the Arctic hunting grounds of the polar bear that’s she’s really at home, offering intrepid (and well-heeled) would-be explorers the ultimate, private adventure.

Catering to just 12 passengers, and with a world-class crew that will dote on your every fancy as you carve through the ice or drop anchor where few have visited before, the vessel boasts a fleet of military-grade zodiacs for up-close-and-personal whale watching or impromptu beach landings; beautifully-appointed ensuite staterooms; and the kinds of redundancies that come in handy when help is more than 24 hours away. EYOS complements the vessel with experienced naturalists and adventurous guides that will have you scaling ice walls, tracking orcas, or honing your photography skills as you leave mankind in your wake.

Don’t you think it’s time to tap into that inner adventurer.


EYOS Expeditions
Hanse Explorer from €135,000 ++ per week.