Thursday, 23.11.2017

Amsterdam Red Light District Tour Satisfy Your…Curiosity


There are a few things you must do if you’re visiting Amsterdam, the global city of free love (or not so free as the case may be). Sure, you should walk the canals of Jordan; knock back a few cold ones in Dam Square; or even visit some of the city’s world-famous coffee shops (while non-residents still can).

But as the sun sets and the streetlights flicker on, there’s one place you should be exploring, if only for the rich history and colourful characters the district seduces.

Explore De Wallen, probably the world’s most famous red light district, with Elard Jan Tissot van Patot, founder of the Amsterdam Red Light District Tours, a captivating and insightful night out with a true ‘in the know’ local. This brilliant walking tour lasts 1.5 hours and captures the history and essence of De Wallen, from the world’s first condom shop, and the etiquette behind the iconic red lit windows, to the city’s last peep show, its leading Cannabis shops, and even a magic mushroom boutique. You’ll also experience the more contemporary side of the precinct, including some of its leading restaurants and houses of mixology. Along the way Elard will give the District context through fascinating stories, little-known trivia, and exclusive access beyond the neighbourhood’s velvet curtains. If you’ve done the Red Light District, Elard also offers fascinating Amsterdam police tours, night’s out with Holland’s oldest twin sister prostitutes, and also itineraries that delve into the local food and wine scene.

If that’s what tickles your fancy.

Amsterdam Red Light District Tour
From Euro 15 per person, departing 9pm


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