One Star House Party on Tour And You’ll Never Believe Where


You’d have to live under a rock not to know about chef James Sharman and his innovative monthly pop-up restaurants, held in Sheung Wan.

Each month he and his culinary team scour destinations far and near - from eating urchin from the hands of a Haenyeou female diver in Korea, to making fish sauce with fishing families from Vietnam - in search of cooking heritage, fascinating ingredients and insightful methodology, all for your dining pleasure. That said, his next pop up might not be for the faint hearted.

This December One Star House Party will be cooking up a storm at Everest Base Camp, the last weigh station for climbers tackling the world’s tallest peak. The culinary team is offering 15 spaces on an epic 14-day journey to Nepal (December 10-23) for fit foodies looking for the ultimate dish in the ultimate setting. The group will fly from Kathmandu to Lakla, where they’ll bed down in local guest houses, hike through spectacular scenery, mingle with friendly locals, and delve into the local foodscape as they craft a spectacular new menu laced with Nepalese goodness. If you’ve been looking for an excuse to head to Nepal; if you’re a fan of the One Star House Party crew and their gastronomic vision; or if the idea of sitting at the Christmas dinner table deflecting the same questions about your boring existence haunts you, this is a trip for you. But be quick, because there may be only one star at the party, but you’re not the only fan of their work.

Helping add spontaneity to your New Year’s resolutions.


One Star House Party – Everest Base Camp
Priced from $1,050 USD per person, inclusive of accommodation and selected meals, and gear.
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