Menjangan Dynasty Resort Glamping Comes to Bali


Many of us grew up camping. Whether it was with our dads, the scouts, school friends, or that weird uncle that let you finish his beers, these were special moments when we could leave the city behind and commune with nature, if only for a wee while.

As we grew up, it got harder and harder to justify the time, or the hardships, of camping, and now many of us are simply waiting until we’re the dad, the scout master, or the weird uncle, to continue the cycle.

Wait no longer. Menjangan Dynasty Resort, Beach Camp and Dive Centre will soon open its doors on Bali’s northern coast, offering a rather pampered camping experience for those who like their tents pre-pitched and decked out with flatscreens, full-sized bathrooms, and uninterrupted sea views. Located on a 16-hectare estate at the end of an isolated peninsula that’s surrounded on three sides by the Indian Ocean, Menjangan features 24 beach camp tents, as well as two one-bedroom and a pair of two-bedroom cliff-side private pool tents that bring a little Out of Africa to the Hindu paradise. When you’re not making the most of your canvas quarters you can take a dip in the camp’ infinity pool, order a cocktail at the Pasir Putih Beach Club & Bar, or even enroll in a PADI dive course with resident instructors. If that pampering isn’t enough, there’s a spa with private waterfront suites, as well as hiking trails, horseback safaris, hot springs and even a few secret waterfalls that are best enjoyed with a bikini-clad buddy.

Because it’s safer to swim in pairs.


Menjangan Dynasty Resort
Opening August 2016


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Menjangan Dynasty Resort

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