Saturday, 16.12.2017

Secret Retreats The Insider's Guide to Asia


Many of us get that hankering, that subtle but undeniable itch for travel and exploration.

It’s a sensation that has driven men through history to the furthest corners of the world, into the deepest oceans, the wildest jungles, and the most desolate deserts. These were not men looking to lounge by overcrowded pools and dine in all-day pan-Western buffets when they travelled, but explorers who wanted to delve into the local culture, to learn, see and experience a destination for themselves, and to return all the richer. Now it's your turn.

Secret Retreats is pretty much what it says on the box: they specialize in unique, individual inns, villas, cruises and restaurants - think of these as the travel essentials – from across Asia, each intrinsically linked to its destination. Want to cruise the backwaters of Kerala or ply the mighty Tonle Sap Lake in Cambodia on a private yacht charter? Fancy a stay at a remote lodge in the Nepalese alps? How about sitting down to cutting edge avant-garde cuisine at a private kitchen outside Bangkok? Specialising in truly spectacular and unique travel experiences Secret Retreat works with owner operators and stand-alone properties to offer captivating, in-depth encounters that you’ll remember for a lifetime. All you have to do is arrive and soak up all that adventure.

“Rover, wanderer, nomad, vagabond, call me what you will.” – Metallica

Secret Retreats


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