Banyan Tree Macau Isn’t it Time for a Staycation?


Hong Kong has a lot going for it, of that we're sure. There's great food, great entertainment, and plenty of convenience.

But there are also some things we're missing here, like space, tranquility, and a chance to remove ourselves from the pulsating urban scene. When it all gets a bit too much, you need to find soothing sounds, gentle hands and good living to achieve balance once again.

The Banyan Tree Macau, only an hour's high speed ferry away, isn't your average Macau mega hotel (thankfully). One of only a handful of true urban resorts in Asia, the Banyan Tree distills all the holistic healing of the brand’s luxurious resort properties, but delivers that heavenly vibe steps from the action of Macau, making it ideal for that well-earned staycation. Check in early and make a beeline for the pool, where the city’s sexiest cabanas are waiting, complete with wallet-friendly drinks packages and plenty of welcomed eye candy. Realign your chakras and find inner peace at the cavernous yet intimate Banyan Tree Spa, where a 90-minute Lomi Lomi massage inspired by the wellness traditions of the Hawaiian Islands will have you floating on cloud 9 in no time. Your soul sated, retreat to your suite, which comes complete with its own private ‘relaxation pool’ (the only one of its kind in the city) and a Japanese onsen-style soak tub so big you could invite half an ANA air crew over for sake bombs (they even have specialist spa suites if 90 minutes under hand simply isn’t enough). Champagne on ice is just a call away, there’s a king sized bed for restful slumber, a bevy of flatscreen televisions, and a shower for two, and if you get peckish, Belon, one of Macau's top dining experiences, is just upstairs.

Because long distance travel can be exhausting.


Banyan Tree Macau
From HK$2,499 per night, twin share.


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