Cruise Lindblad-National Geographic in Galapagos Time to Play Darwin


Remember when you studied evolution at high school? It all seemed fairly straight forward – animals change to suit their environment, and those most willing to adapt would survive.

It was a young Charles Darwin who created this school of thought after his 1835 visit to the Pacific’s remote Galapagos Islands, at the tender age of 25. He observed the island’s unique wildlife, from devilish looking lizards and strange seal-like creatures, to various species of finch that had adapted to their archipelagic home perfectly. His studies changed the way we looked at the world and our place within it forever.

You can study up on theories of your own with an epic adventure through the Galapagos Islands with Lindblad-National Geographic in a unique collaboration between the world’s oldest expeditionary company and the esteemed natural sciences magazine. The company’s two expedition ships – the National Geographic Endeavor and the National Geographic Islander – cruise the islands on week-long itineraries that showcase this unique Pacific Eden to perfection. Deep water snorkel with clutches of friendly sea lions and Galapagos penguins; watch blue-footed boobies and frigates perform their curious mating dances; learn how Godzilla-like marine iguanas dive for their dinner; trail orcas under towering sea cliffs; and meet some of the same giant tortoises that would have watched Darwin’s HMS Beagle drop anchor. There will be time to hike around the base of active volcanoes, attend lectures by experienced naturalists, and even commune with kindred spirits over cocktails as you toast Neptune while crossing the equator.

It’s good luck, even if you don’t believe in a creator.


Cruise Lindblad-National Geographic in Galapagos
A week long cruise from US$6,590 per person, twin share


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