Wednesday, 18.10.2017

Four Fox Sake Sake for the Club


You might not realize it but bottle service can trace its origins to wartime Japan, when ewers of sake were served to seated soldiers.

It wasn’t long until business men of the Land of the Rising Sun began buying special bottles of their favourite poison, which would then be served with ritual, the unfinished spirit stored in lounge lockers until the next visit. Today, leading clubs from Miami to Mumbai offer table service, especially in their VIP areas, where bottles of luxury spirits are served with the appropriate accoutrements.

Four Fox, a premium sake designed for the club, hopes to challenge the dominance of luxury vodka and whisky in the table service scene. While its chrometastic bottle, which comes complete with a built-in LED light, is sure to make late great sake masters groan in their graves, the spirit within boasts a touch more finesse. The brand’s four creators, led by sakeophile Tsubasa Nishitani, scoured Japan’s Yukiguni snow country seeking out artisanal distilleries producing the best junmai daiginjo, the highest official designation for sake. To reach this distilling pinnacle at least half of every grain of rice must be milled away, ridding impurities and revealing the heart of sake’s foundation ingredient. The resulting super-premium spirit is then housed in a clubtastic bottle which bears a crest of four foxes guarding the Torii gates, portals between the earthly and the divine. Whether this new sake takes you to heaven and back remain to be seen, but at least you know you won’t have to leave your table to seek out another tipple.

Of that, we’re sure the sake masters will approve.


Four Fox Sake

Available in leading bars, clubs and liquor stores from HK$530


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