Alila Purnama Ahoy Me Hearty


Cast back, if you will, to a time of innocence, when you were just a little lad.

There’s a distinct chance that on your list of things you wanted to be when you grew up, pirate was in the top five. It’s with good reason; what’s not to like about a pirate’s life? Setting sail for parts unknown, a crew of loyal misfits, battle against the authorities, all the bootie you could get your hands around. Sounds pretty idyllic really. But then reality sunk is and the vast majority of us never set sail, never discovered sunken treasure, never made anyone walk the plank and remained, for the most part, bootieless. All of that is about to change.

Introducing Alila Purnama, a member of Secret Retreats and your ticket to the high seas of Indonesia (where modern day pirates still linger). A stunning example of the traditional phinisi schooners favoured by the seafarers of Sulawesi, and managed by luxury hotel brand Alila Hotels & Resorts, the five-cabin, 46m Purnama spends half the year cruising between Bali and Komodo and the other half plying the waters of remote Raja Ampat, which is where you really want to set course. Home to some of the best diving on the planet, you’ll have a resident dive master to show you the top coral gardens, home to manta, sharks, turtles and even whales. If you don’t dive yet, you can even certify whilst you cruise, either with a bevy of your favourite maidens and mateys on a charter cruise, or as part of a compliment of fellow-minded souls. By evening greet dramatic sunsets in the only way possible, with a well-made cocktail and a gourmet meal that takes its cues from Indonesia’s culinary culture. We suggest small batch spiced rum.

Because it doesn’t get much more Captain Black Beard than that.


Alila Purnama

US$14,500 per cabin, twin share, for 6 nights in Raja Ampat;
US$12,500 per night for full charter, minimum of four nights.


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