Wednesday, 21.2.2018

The Strand Cruise A Spiritual Recharge


Hong Kong can do things to a man, and while some are delectable, tantalizing and downright sinful, not all of them are good for the soul.

This is a city fueled by money, maintained at a frantic pace, and decked out with pleasures incarnate. It’s easy to forget who you might have been, and to lose track of who you should be. There is temptation at every corner, happy hours that never end, women with dishonorable intensions, and junk trips with just one destination: A Good Time. What you need is a little less time in the gutter and a little more spent in self-reflection, and we know where.

Introducing The Strand Cruise, the newest luxury cruiser to ply the tranquil waters of the Irrawaddy River in Myanmar. This brand spanking new ship, the sister of Yangon’s colonial-era Strand hotel, introduces new levels of luxury to a river that passes through one of the most spiritually-connect places on the planet. During the three and four day itineraries there will be plenty of time to seek solace with the monks of Mingun, to climb to the top of the temples of Bagan, and to balloon across the river at dawn, in search of yourself. When you’re found, retreat to the ship’s sun decks, its plunge pool encircled by shaded sun loungers; make a beeline for the spa to realign your chakras; or connect with ancient spirits at the wood-lined cocktail bar.

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” ― Aristotle


The Strand Cruise
@StrandCruise From US$1,782 per person, twin share for three nights.


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