Northwest Passage by One Ocean


The Northwest Passage, which connects the northern Atlantic and the Pacific through the Canadian Arctic Ocean, remains one of the world’s most remote and least explored locales.

While ice-junkie Roald Amundsen made the crossing in 1903-1906 (yes, that’s over three years), the route between the great oceans remained locked with Arctic pack ice until 2009, when the effects of global warming made the passage accessible at certain times of the year.

That’s where you and your explorer alter-ego come in. Canadian Arctic specialists One Ocean will tackle part of the Northwest Passage in 2016, sailing the ice-strengthened Akademik Ioffe through the archipelago at the top of the world in search of grizzly bears, muskox, caribou, walrus and polar bears. You’ll fly in from Ottawa and then set sail from Greenland, crossing to Baffin Island in the footsteps of great polar explorers like Larsen, Amundsen and Franklin, who, more than 150 years ago, attempted the Passage with two ships and 129 men, never to be seen again. You’ll encounter the stunning fjords of Kangerlussuaq and the icefjord at Ilulissat, trace the ‘middle ice’ of Baffin Bay in search of fin, sperm, sei and humpback whales, and meet the Inuit of remote Pond Inlet before delving into Lancaster Sound, the wildlife ‘super highway’ of the Arctic. At Prince Leopold Island you’ll see several hundred thousand nesting seabirds, from thick-billed murres, and black guillemots, to northern fulmars and black-legged kittiwakes (all of which we’re sure you’re familiar with) before you take to the rails in search of polar bears, beluga (the whale, not the caviar), narwhals and even bowhead whales in the waters of Prince Regent Inlet. Conningham Bay is littered with the skeletons of Beluga whales that became stuck in the shallow inlet, making for an easy meal for families of polar bears, and nearby Cambridge Bay offers what little evidence remains from the ill-fated Franklin voyage, including naval artifacts, sledges and graves. Beats the hell out of sitting by the pool in Bali, we’re sure you'd agree.

"Below the 40th latitude there is no law; below the 50th no god; below the 60th no common sense and below the 70th no intelligence whatsoever." — Kim Stanley Robinson


Northwest Passage by One Ocean

Kangerlussuaq to Cambridge Bay (11 nights/12 days) August 12 to August 24, 2016
From US$8,895 per person


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