Palau Jellyfish Lake


Mother Nature shows her softer side
Nature can be brutal. Its inhabitants living by instinct, as they have for millions of years, often fighting like Tai Tais at a Louboutin sale, just to survive. Although humans have softened and become ‘civilised’ (we drink tea, go for foot massages and kill from thousands of miles away), many species still retain their ability to create a world of hurt, be it a hornet’s sting, a jab from a sting ray’s spear or the bloody bite of a frenzied shark. But there’s one place where Mother Nature’s creatures have gone a bit soft.


Palau, the ultimate ‘banana republic’, is an idyllic tropical nation, 500km east of the Philippines, home to turquoise lagoons, stunning snorkeling and unique marine lakes, one of which is home to some particularly docile Mastigias papua, or Golden Jellyfish. With no predators (clearly no Cantonese chefs have visited yet), the gelatinous jellies of “Ongeim'l Tketau” (also known as “Jellyfish Lake” by the unimaginative), have lost their sting, making them unique swimming buddies for intrepid travellers intent on snorkeling with the swarms during their daily migration across its surface. In fact, Tketau found fame when contestants from “Survivor: Palau” won a chance to swim in its sting-free waters.

No deadly Portuguese Man O’ War here.

Palau’s Jellyfish Lake
Eil Malk, Palau
Visit for arranged tours.

The Nuts & Bolts: Swim and snorkel with the less-than-terrifying jellyfish of Palau.

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