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Koryo Travel is your ticket to the DPRK

North Korea remains one of the globe’s few unknowns; the last of a fraternity of inward-facing countries that have shunned tourists and the rest of the world in favour of their own internal dogma and traditions. But as Dylan crooned, “the times, they are a changin’”. Bhutan is welcoming non-smoking backpackers; Cathay is starting a new route to Saudi Arabia; Americans are increasingly sunning it up in Havana; and now you can follow in the footsteps of Team America and tour the Hermit Kingdom – officially the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea – under the watchful eyes of secret police minders, of course.


Koryo Travel caters to the James Bond gene inside all men, the one triggered by fast cars, strong drinks, exotic women and strange countries. Better known for their brilliant movies on North Korean life (including the spectacular Mass Games, clips from which made up the Faithless video clip for “I Want More”), the Beijing-based company specialises in taking you into Lil’ Kim’s Castle (not literally), with unprecedented access to real North Korean people and places, thanks to a 16-year relationship with DPRK authorities. Discover the monument-encrusted capital, Pyongyang, and delve into the countryside to see how residents behind the final Iron Curtain live. Koryo offers both group and independent itineraries, but are quick to point out that independent tour still means you and your minders.

Otherwise, you might get a little “Rone-ry, so Rone-ry”
Koryo Travel


The Nuts & Bolts: With the help of Koryo Travel, delve into the Hermit Kingdom of the DPRK, and steal Kim’s Hennessy.


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