Wednesday, 20.9.2017

Heimplanet Bivouac with Style


We all know that our basic needs are simple: food, clothing, shelter, scotch.

And when it comes to shelter, we’re all about protecting ourselves from the elements – all of them. We’re talking about hurricane winds battering your surf camp in Baja; the cold hampering your hiking in the Pokhara Valley; or torrential rains bringing you down in the rainforests of Bolivia. You need something that can be assembled as quickly as Mother Nature’s forces, something that’s guaranteed to last the distance, and most importantly, something that offers a little…elbow room, should others need shelter too.

As if crafted from inflatable titanium, the Mavericks by Heimplanet is a true fortress, made to endure whatever weather comes your way. Specially designed for the Red Bull Storm Chase event, on which it withstood 155km/hr winds, the Mavericks is intuitive and dead easy to inflate, with no assembly needed. A thermoplastic polyurethane fly sheet and inflatable geodesic air frame work in union to create a solid sphere-shaped recluse that can be raised by one guy in less than 10 minutes, and by one guy and two stranded Mexican pro-surfing senoritas in a jiffy. 

Because at times like these, it’s all about team work.



Mavericks by Hemiplanet
€4,999 (Hk$52,000)



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