Wednesday, 20.9.2017

Being Bond Are You Up For The Challenge?


Let's face it, few of us managed to get through ou r precarious youth without at least a fleeting fantasy of being James Bond. 

The allure of 007, the man for whom wooing the darlings, sipping the martinis, and stopping the villians was apr for the course, remains, especially now that his latest incarnation seems much more willing to roll up his sleeves and deliver the pain than his predecessors 

Enter the perfect gift for any would-be assassin/boyfriend/best mate. Bespoke travel company Exsus has created the ultimate Bondcation. Perfect for male “bonding” (we could go all night with this) or for the ultimate high-end bucks romp, the company’s series of To Be Bond experiences offer every day Joes unprecedented access to special forces and secret service training as well as a chance to revel in the spy’s famously lavish lifestyle in the process. Choose from experiences like Hostage Rescue, Ambush Survival, or Demolitions and learn at the hands of black op veterans, some of whom help Daniel Craig become the modern Bond we emulate today. Missions take place in some of the world’s most glam settings, from Prague to Monaco, and between saving kidnapped heiresses and cutting down armies of deadly ninjas, Exsus will ensure you relax and take in the sights in style.

Because all work and no play makes James a dull boy.



To Be Bond by Exsus
From GBP6,624 per person for one day operations 


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