Wednesday, 21.2.2018

Aurora Expeditions Sometimes it’s Good to Stray


When you were little, life was probably pretty restricted. Unless you happened to be adopted by a pack of wolves and reared as one of their own, there was probably an abundance of grown-ups telling you where you could and couldn’t go, what you could or couldn’t explore, which animals were safe and which wanted to eat you.

The world was portrayed as a perilous landscape, one big accident waiting to happen, and all too often the neuroticism of well-intentioned but overly protective tiger parents lingers with us into adulthood.

If you’re willing to step far from the path and test your mettle in some of the world’s most extreme landscapes, then Aurora Expeditions has your number. The Australian adventure company specialises in expeditionary cruises to some of the globe’s furthest flung corners, from Russia’s once restricted Far East, to Greenland’s iceberg-strewn coves, Papua New Guinea’s ancient waterways, the polar bear feeding grounds of Spitsbergen, and Antarctica’s frozen coastline. Cruises take place on ice-strengthened, purpose-built expedition ships that cater to just a handful of intrepid souls, ensuring these landscapes remain serene and pristine, while itineraries include a raft of unique opportunities for adventurous spirits, from camping on the ice in the White Continent to snorkelling and diving in the North Pole and perfecting your wildlife photography in the Kimberley. 

Because it’s a great big world out there.


Aurora Expeditions


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