Semara Uluwatu A Thoroughly Adult Escape


You might have gone to Bali for “schoolies”, during gap year, or even for an end of university bash with other bright-eyed youths. You probably hired scooters, donned Bintang singlets, brought cheap sarongs and knock off Ray Bans, and hit the bars of Kuta and Legian with the masses, looking to knock boots with virtually anyone willing. But that was an age ago, and now you’re looking for something else from the Island of the Gods.

Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us – you’re growing up – which is not to say you don’t have just as much fun as the old days. It’s just that today’s hangovers are induced with well-made classic cocktails and home-spiced sangria and sated with a villa breakfast overlooking a vast seascape that’s blissfully free of day trip outs and walk-of-shamers.

So you’re bound to feel right at home at Semara Uluwatu. Located atop towering cliffs in one of Bali’s emerging hotspots (and not just for the surfers, who’ve known about its keen breaks for a generation), this is a resort with a difference. If you’re travelling solo or in the company of a femme du jour, you can opt for one of the intimate, luxuriously-appointed suites; there’s a private plunge pool and a soak tub for two. But if you’re travelling en masse, close off a clutch of these little havens as your own Bali beach house, complete with a communal infinity pool on the cliff edge, spacious living areas, and a fully stocked wet bar. There are five suites to each sprawling villa, ensuring community when you need it and privacy when it’s required. What’s more you have access to world-class dining, tennis and golf, and Finn’s, Bali’s most acclaimed beach club.

Another blissfully grown up spot. 

Semara Uluwatu


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