Thursday, 14.12.2017

Mutiara Laut, Bali The Pearl of the Spice Islands


Let us paint a picture for you. A gleaming 96ft schooner designed by one of the best naval architects to come out of Holland; a crew of hardened but jovial Indonesian sailors; twin masts and countless billowing sails; and a horizon dotted with yet-to-be-explored tropical isles famed for their spices and lithe locals. Below are some of the world’s deepest oceans, boasting some of the planet’s best and least visited dive sites, and above, an endless blue sky, perfect for clear sailing.

If this sounds like your idea of a weekend away from the office, you’re in luck. The Mutiara Laut, a recreation of a 17th century Dutch schooner, plies the waters between Bali and remote Raja Ampat, stopping in to visit the dragons of Komodo, the sea gypsies of Labuan Bajo, the headhunters of Papua, and the historic spice islands of Banda along the way. With five spacious, beautifully appointed cabins, a private chef, a sumptuous saloon, and ample deck space for sun worshipping under a canopy of sails, you’ll lack for nothing on your journey. An onboard dive master will ensure you explore as much below the waves as you do above, while a private masseuse will chase those pesky cramps away as you prepare to land on deserted beaches to visit tribes little changed by the passing of centuries.

Because it’s important to stay limber when making a first impression.

Mutiara Laut
Cabins from US$1,500 per night/whole vessel charter from US$55,000 a week.




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