Suits will never crease with a Contura

It’s always a question of opportunity cost. Take a suit on your next business trip and you’re encumbered with a suit carrier, which amounts to man-handling the luggage equivalent of a non-cooperative orangutan through a busy airport. Alternatively, wear your suit on the plane, and risk being mistaken for a travelling insurance rep from Nohope, Nebraska.

Behold the Contura suit carrier (HK$480), a ridiculously simple, yet effective answer to the bane of the frequent traveller. Using a shaped cutting of odour- and latex-free, recyclable memory rubber, you can now effectively fold your suit jacket and pants without creasing them, sliding the whole bundle into a purpose-designed fabric envelope that fits perfectly in a carry-on suitcase. Essentially, the rubber stops the fabric of your suit from ever creating a crease, thus when you unwrap it at the other end of your journey, your suit remains pressed and ready for action. This means you'll always be able to arrive on the run, rather than stooped over a hotel room iron, like a poor sap.
Suits are a modern man’s armour, after all.
Contura Suit Carrier
Available at Wing On, 311 Des Voeux Rd. Central, Sheung Wan, Tel: 2852-1888,
Contura comes in three sizes, based on jacket measurements; although a slimmer model made for shirts is also in the pipeline.

The Nuts & Bolts: On your next business trip, carry your suit in a Contura suit carrier to ensure that it stays wrinkle-free.

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