Badrutt’s Palace License to Wed The True Test of a Groom


If films like The Hangover and Very Bad Things teach us anything, it’s that the decorum of that once proud tradition, the bachelor party, is under threat. First started by the Spartan warriors, who would toast their comrade on the eve of his marriage, buck’s parties have taken a turn for the worst; from accidently killing strippers, to roofie-laced Jager shots, facial tattoos, and drug-dealing monkeys, the modern day stag party may be a very fun night for the boys, but it’s lost some of its tradition as a timeless initiation for the groom.

Fortunately, Switzerland’s Badrutt’s Palace Hotel is helping turn the tide, with a new package designed with bachelor parties in mind. Head to the land of watches and pocket knives with your soon-to-be-wed compadre, where he’s set to task, first by the laundry supervisor and the head butler, and finally the executive chef, all of whom depart to the groom the essential skills of husbandry. His efforts are rewarded with Rolls-Royce transfers, a winter-time toboggan down the flanks of Muottas Muragl, or a summer time sail on the hotel’s own yacht. After a quick four-hands massage, the group can make a selection from the extensive wine library, before dining on a bespoke menu designed to keep their strength up for the night ahead, an escorted bar crawl through St Moritz’s top ale houses. He will wake in the morning with a certificate of completion, sound in the knowledge that he’s prepared for what mysteries lie ahead.

A sophisticated send off if ever there was one.

Badrutt’s Palace License to Wed
US$1,625 per person, including two nights’ accommodation, breakfast and minibar, etiquette course, two set dinners, wine cellar tour, sailing/tobogganing, and rail tickets. 
+41 81 837 1000
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