Wednesday, 18.10.2017

Amanoi, Vietnam Solitude for the Soul


Sometimes, just sometimes, the crowds, lines, traffic, noise, and pollution of this great city can get to even the most resolute. Sure we’re communal creatures; we like pack mentalities and group dynamics, we like being with our mates in crowded bars watching team sports, and like to celebrate life’s little victories with the masses. But that doesn’t mean we don’t like our quiet time as well; a chance to reflect, to converse with our inner selves, to balance our chakras and restore our chi.

Vietnam’s newest luxury hideaway might be the ideal spot for a little yin and yang recalibration. Located at the heart of the Nui Chua National Park in the deep south of the country, Amanoi extends Aman’s Bieber-like cult status among the jetset in a haven that’s part spiritual retreat, part beach resort. Perched atop a cliff face and hidden away in deep bushlands, Amanoi is a minimalist dreamscape of 31 pool pavilions, where privacy comes in spades. The only tricky decisions you’ll have to make include which pool to swim in – the one in your pavilion, the main infinity pool, or down at the Beach Club – how long you want your four-handed massage in the Aman Spa to last, and what refreshing elixir you’d like shaken up after an afternoon snorkeling in stunning Vinh Hy Bay.

Hmm, decisions decisions.

Vinh Hy Bay, Vietnam


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