Great Leap Brewing Beijing Craft Brewery


Next time you’re in Beijing, have we got a stop for you. Great Leap Brewing kick-started the city’s recent wave of craft breweries, serves delicious beer made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Housed in a traditional Chinese courtyard, formerly a grand home, it’s like a pub-meets-Mulan. Even more importantly, it’s a drinking trip you can sell to the girlfriend. Culture on the one hand - crisp, delicious beer on the other.

Their brews include East City Porter, an oatmeal porter based on the dark British classic; a Pale Ale; Cinnamon Rock Candy, which is brewed with Chinese rock candy and Vietnamese cinnamon; Danshan Wheat, an amber wheat beer infused with Chinese black tea; Hop God 120, a member of the IPA family; Liu The Brave, a spiced stout; Dubbel Happiness, a Belgian Dubbel; the list goes on. And so do the festivities – you’ll leave absolutely gazebo’d.

Their beer list is seasonal - sometimes you’ll get a chai masala stout - and they source as many ingredients as possible from the local region. They’ve just opened a new location but it’s the original behind Nanluoguxiang that you want to visit. Part of the charm is how hidden it is, while a genuine craft brewery experience in Asia is so rare it’s unmissable - like a pleasant queuing experience in the Mainland, or a willing pair of twins.

The good stuff. 

Great Leap Brewing
+86 010 5717 1399




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