Wednesday, 21.2.2018

Bike Oz with Charley Boorman Ride wtih Co-Star of Long Way Down


You can tour the Australian outback on a motorcycle with Charley Boorman, all round adventurer and co-star of Ewan McGregor in a Long Way Down. The 10-day trip starts in Sydney and winds up in Melbourne via the wilderness of New South Wales. If you want to trade up your office lifestyle and mornings spent dreaming of that naughty Sub of the Day, this voyage is just the ticket. So long as you know your way around a bike. Don't want to get there and look like a plonker in front of Sir Charles.

If you've got your own bike the package costs AU$5,490 (HK$43,400) for a rider and AU$4,500 (HK$35,500) for a co-rider but they can also supply bikes for an extra HK$9,500 or so. It's not cheap but it's epic. The organisers, Compass Expeditions, is listed on the National Geographic's "Top 50 tours of a lifetime" so you know it's special. It's the sort of journey portrayed in a Sideways-esque - 'life seems grey but it's actually full of adventure' - kind of film. And you pay out the nose for it.

Fortunately, that price includes accommodation in 3/4* hotels and one night under the stars, all breakfasts and suppers, airport transfers and necessities like medical support. Highlights include the UNESCO listed Blue Mountains, the 'real' outback of  Eldee Station and the legendary Barossa Valley, culminating in a ride along the Great Ocean Road into Melbourne. Saddle soar and wind swept, you'll marvel at the beauty of the world before returning to HK and wondering why they don't have toilets on the Airport Express.

A long way.


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