Spa in G. Hyatt & Stay for Free Use Spa at G. Hyatt HK & Earn Free Nights


If you enjoy a massage as well as a trip that starts with the Airport Express, you'll like the sound of Hyatt's new initiative. The company has linked the Plateau Spa in the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong with its Hyatt Gold Passport so you can earn free stays abroad while smelling eucalyptus, listening to wind chimes and waking up so pleasantly groggy that you'd be able to fall straight back to sleep in a salt marsh.

Every U.S. dollar spent in Plateau equates to 5 points in the Hyatt's Gold Passport programme (it's free to sign up), and from 5,000 points you can start turning them into hotel stays. Apart from treatments, you can also pay for daily access to Plateau which includes a heated swimming pool, saunas, steam rooms, a fitness centre and a 400m running track around the garden which is ideal if you want to pretend you're not in a metropolis of the future.

You can eat at The Grill or have a drink at the Waterfall Bar, while Plateau Spa offers body massages, therapeutic sessions and grooming treatments. And if you don't fancy converting your spending into free rooms, you can also swap your points for air miles with the Hyatt's travel partners or redeem them on car rentals. Talk about a delicious cycle - the more you spend, the more you get. You'll be getting rounds of smoothies for the clubhouse.

One spa at a time.

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