The Siam Opens in Bangkok Thai Luxury Hotel with Kick-Boxing Ring


The Siam has just opened on the Bangkok riverside and the new hotel has its own Muay Thai ring. What makes it even more surprising is that the retreat, which is based on the Grand Palace down the way, is the height of luxury. One minute you’ll be having a massage in the splendour of your own villa, the next you’ll be getting your head kicked in - all in the same hotel. You can probably put your bandages on your room tab.

The 3-acre retreat comprises 39 rooms spearheaded by Connie’s Cottage, a fully restored house that was brought to Bangkok by boat from the ancient capital of Ayutthaya. Prices range from THB16,300 (HK$4,050) - THB46,500 (HK$11,400) per night but they’re offering a 50% discount for its soft opening which ends on October 31. Something you can keep from your girlfriend on a strict need-to-know basis.

The hotel is fitted with turn of the century antiques and plenty of features such as restaurants, a spa, a library, a nice lawn etc. but we all know what you really want to do - spill some blood. The Muay Thai ring, unsurprisingly, is located in the gym, so if you’ve ever wanted to get your leg above knee height, you'll find a fighting guru who can take you to the next level. And then it’s straight to the masseuse.

A vertical holiday business.