Wednesday, 20.9.2017

Espace Elastique B&B, Tai O Charming B&B & Café on Lantau


Espace Elastique is a little B&B in Lantau’s Tai O fishing village. It’s not luxury but there’s a hot tub on the rooftop and it’s run by the charming Veronica who speaks more languages than Google. The service is excellent and the setting is chilled, exactly what you want from a weekend get away. Even the idea of staying in a B&B is appealing, avoiding Alfred Hitchcock hotels with mind-bogglingly long corridors of patterned carpets and everlasting doors.

The rooms aren’t high end and that’s reflected in the price (roughly HK$1000/night) but you can’t help but like this place. It’s small in a way that Hong Kong rarely is, and they’ll do their best to cater to your wishes. You can even bring a few of the lads (up to 15 people) and they’ll cook fusion cuisine while you have a party. Heck, you could take the Family Suite and do the opposite of what it was designed for.

Their café offers top notch baking, including home made crepes and waffles as well as bigger dishes like sandwiches and pizza. Arguably the best part of the B&B, however, is the Jacuzzi on the rooftop. Hot tubs are few and far between in Hong Kong, particularly ones where you can gaze upwards at the night sky and wonder why you weren’t born Hugh Heffner. Hong Kong’s great but you need to get out of the city from time to time - and Espace Elastique is the business.

Espace n style.


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