Kuri Bay Luxury Fishing Lodge Three Room Lodge Opens in NW Australia


Wild Bush Luxury has unveiled a remote fishing lodge in the Kimberley wilderness of north Western Australia which consists of just three rooms. Kuri Bay is only accessible by helicopter or sea plan, while the nearest town is 220km away. The vastness of the landscape is off the scale - the Kimberley is the size of California but has just 30,000 inhabitants - so don’t forget your contact lenses.

Wild Bush has approached the project with Paspaley Pearls, the brand that used to manage Kuri Bay’s pearl farm in days gone by. In fact, the three rooms were previously reserved for special guests of the Paspaley family. Simple but refined, the lodge doesn't have any televisions or telephones but offers gloriously comfortable beds and fine food and wine. At AU$5599 per person (HK$45,000) for a five night package it's an expensive stay, but at least you don't won't be getting a call from your boss either.

It’s the type of place you go on honeymoon if you’ve just married a girl who loves the outdoors. Or you could recommend it to your bitter ex-wife (via your children) if she freaks out when she sees even the smallest of insects. The fishing is the main draw because the waters are untouched and are a hot bed for tuna, barramundi, monster mackerel and huge queenfish. Best of all, you’ll have a local Aussie guide who’s third cousin, once removed from Mick Dundee (they're all related) so you’ll be safe and sound.

Not quite the bush as it was meant to be.


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