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Staying in a villa is generally more pleasant than staying in a hotel, and with the Asia Villa Guide, it's become a whole lot easier. You can make as much noise as you want in a villa, you have tonnes more space, (some have awesome features like putting greens), and you get all the good bits of a hotel such as the service except it's truly tailored for you. Of course that all depends on staying in the right villa... and not holidaying with friends who recently did some breeding.

The Asia Villa Guide has hundreds of properties spread throughout Indonesia, Thailand and Sri Lanka split into various categories: Royal Collection, Premium Collection, Mid-Range Collection and Value Collection. In each villa you're looked after by a team of staff including cleaners, butlers, chefs, and in many cases, drivers - which means you can do whatever you want whenever you want. Sun-downers at sunrise if that's your speed.

The only problem is you have to search by destination rather than category but there's also a useful rating system and 'independent' reviews. You can unearth some real bargains, particularly when you factor in splitting the costs between all the travellers. Add to that the savings you make being served food and drink bought in the local markets rather than the hotel bar and you've got the making of a very reasonable luxury holiday that could double as the venue for the next P-Diddy music video.

Good things come in big houses.


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