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Secret Tour HK runs secret tours around Hong Kong that aren’t so secret any more. It’s a very pleasant way to spend an afternoon because your sense of adventure dims the longer you’re here. Expats arrive and go flying out of the blocks, consuming HK’s nooks and crannies at a rate of knots. By year two, however, they live solely in SoHo. And locals can be even less interested if they’ve spent their entire lives in HK.

Which is where Secret Tour comes in, running various excursions around the city with interesting themes. Priced from HK$100-700, they’re all entertaining and although they can be expensive, they're unique. It’s also a particularly useful endeavour if you’ve got an annoying friend who loves showing off his local knowledge (we’ve all got one) because you can take a tour and then show him up the next time you’ve got a suitable audience.

Excursions include Artwalk, a quasi-shopping tour of local artists’ studios in Kwun Tong that lasts 4-5 hours, and Photowalk, in which you explore the city with a renowned photographer. The final adventure is the Cultural Walk where you visit the walled village, the oldest community in Hong Kong, and the mysterious district of Tin Shui Wai. Why it’s mysterious is a mystery that you’ll only uncover if you go on the walk. Or go on Wikipedia.

Secrets best shared.


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