Wednesday, 22.11.2017

Teepee Village, Lantau Camp in Tepees by the Beach


We don't normally like camping. We like white dressing gowns, menus with swirly writing, crisp sheets and people calling you 'Sir' even though you're dressed like an Aussie teenager but sometimes, just sometimes, it's good to get back to basics and the Palm Beach camp site on Lantau is the ideal destination. It doesn't have the beauty of Ham Tin but it's got standing tepees that take you back to the era of Chief Running Water. And it saves you from pitching a tent yourself which is the pits.

The Tepee Village has a lawn area of 20,000 sq ft and it's just a boulder's throw away from Cheung Sha beach. We'd recommend bringing a sleeping bag (as well as your manly yoga mat) because you can rent a 6-8 person tepee for HK$750. Little extras like mosquito nets, coolers and air beds are also available so you can actually sleep in as much or as little comfort as you like. But it won't make it into the Luxe Guide.

On the beach there's an impressive water sports centre which is particularly well equipped for beginners. They stock gear for surfing, stand up paddle boarding, body boarding, wind surfing, kite boarding and everything else under the sun. The upshot is you're going to be absolutely knackered by the time you retire for dinner at The Stoep, so one word of advice - it's all about their BBQ. Don't order anything else (like yours truly) or you'll cry with food envy.

Hong Kong does Palm Beach.


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