Wanakarn Khao Lak, Thailand Hidden Retreat with 15 Villas


We haven't thought much of Thailand for a while, but the Wanakarn, a Relais & Chateaux property in Khao Lak, is a perfect place to get out of Hong Kong. From time to time you need to leave the city, to get away from the slow walkers, to hear silence, to have someone rub unessential oils into your back and tell you how tense you are. It's nice to know someone cares - even if they're being paid for it.

The country's hot spots have recently been overrun by Russians travelling on boozy package tours from Siberia, but there aren't any vodka bottles in sight. In fact, the Wanakarn consists of 15 suites and it's completely hidden away from the madness. The service is excellent because it's staffed by 100 people and you can stay in one or two bedrooms units ranging from HKD6,700 - 11,500/night. If you don't work in finance, look away now.

There's only one restaurant but they make up for it by serving food anywhere you'd like and they take an immensely personal approach to  cooking. On top of the menu you can order anything you want, sometimes allowing them 24 hours to source the ingredients. The indulgent policy turns you into Macaulay Culkin, doing whatever you want whenever you want it. There's also a swimming pool, a flood-lit grass tennis court, a spa and two beaches to choose from separated by a tidal river so you'll be entertained even without drunk Russians to people watch.


We suggest booking through Lightfoot Travel


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