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We’ve featured a few holiday sites which promote peoples’ homes for short term stays but Flat-Club brings something new to the table. You can search for destinations or lease your flat within your online social network which means you don’t have to worry about people with odd fetishes staying in your home. Even better, you can stay in a nice place without having to use a UV semen light on arrival.

They have over 2,000 flats in 20 cities around the world such as an apartment in Central London for £58/night, a room in a Parisian apartment for €150/night (above), or a three bedroom apartment (sleeps six) in New York for US$230/night. It’s a novel way to see the world but if Facebook home feeds are anything to go by, you’ll probably stay in properties owned by people who love telling the world how horrible they feel the morning after.

More than 70% of the flats available have never been posted online and the platform is just about to get a revamp. The new model will let you post your flat to just friends of friends on Facebook and will include a review section. Anyone can use it but it was built for MBA students and employees of top companies so if you're one of either you can see more properties than the average Joe. Fingers crossed you stay in a flat owned by someone at Goldman Sachs - they can be hilarious.

Like the Ed Norton film but more homely.




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