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Welcome Beyond is a travel website built around a unique collection of hotels and homes. It goes further than similar services we’ve written about before simply because their standard is better. The quality of destinations is so high you wouldn’t feel out of place wearing white linen and listening to Michael Bolton.

Set up by two German brothers, Oliver and Chris Laugsch, each property is handpicked and has a unique story. For instance one of their destinations is a private island in Vanuatu which was adopted by a couple who discovered it while sailing around the world. Welcome Beyond has a number of people scouting for new destinations but only a minute number make it onto their shortlist. They’re more critical than Simon Cowell.

We’d highly recommend exploring the site (most of the properties will blow you away) as the prices can also be pretty reasonable. For instance, if you wanted to stay on that island you’d pay about €300 for a double bedroom per night. A huge amount of effort has poured into every property so if you’re tired or disillusioned by groups such as Small Luxury Hotels of the World, Welcome Beyond is a great choice. The only drawback is you might feel an unquenchable thirst to do up a property yourself which is a bit like running the marathon. It sounds like fun until your start.

Beyond imagining.


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