OneSeedExpeditions Nepal Charitable Trekking


OneSeedExpeditions organizes trekking holidays to Nepal while also investing a chunk of its revenues into local female entrepreneurship. On both counts (trekking and charity) it’s a great way to feel good about yourself without having to take Prozac or do actual charity work.

Prices start at US$1,500 but 10% of your fee is channeled into local businesswomen through Patan BPW, a non-governmental microfinance organization. The policy is based on the The Girl Effect which claims the ‘only way meaningful economic and social change can occur in the developing world is through the empowerment of the next generation of women.’ That or getting Goldman Sachs to do it.

The inaugural expedition is scheduled for February 2012 so if you’re keen you should register your interest as soon as possible. Treks will take place in the Annapurna, Langtang and Khumbu regions of Nepal, - the latter being the cradle of Sherpa culture and the gateway to Everest. Lonely Planet ranks this region among the greatest in the world for trekking – marginally superior to the Dragon’s Back in 93% humidity.

You can either travel on your own or in a group, and essentially get an amazing holiday while also helping poor entrepreneurs stand on their own two feet. Even though by the end of it you’ll probably be struggling to stand on your own.




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