Wednesday, 18.10.2017

Thirsty Swagman Have a Beer in Space


The world’s first ‘beer in space’ flights are being planned by pub crawl operator Thirsty Swagman - and guess where the company’s based? Australia. It’ll do wonders for the national stereotype. Take an amazing adventure in its own right – travelling to space no less – and the Australians have a default mechanism to make it their own. Adding a beer.

Vostok "4-Pines" Stout and Saber have already produced a zero gravity beer and they’ll be partnering Thirsty Swagman on the project. The experience is still in the planning phase but the beer itself was successfully tested on February 26, proof positive that we're at the cutting edge of science.

Thirsty Swagman is aiming to launch the beer in space trips in about 2013 by piggybacking with space tourism operators like Virgin Galactic, though reportedly Richard Branson is keeping his catering in house.

It's a unique take on a pub crawl as Kenneth Hart, founder of Thirsty Swagman Pty Ltd., explained: "You'll be going at Mach 3 to the Kármán line at 330,000 feet above earth and for several minutes you'll have the most incredible view of our planet through the bottom of your glass." What a ridiculous but amazing moment.

In the meantime, however, you can book yourself on Thirsty Swagman’s Zero Gravity Party flights for 2012. Groups of 10-15 people will enjoy a brewski in Zero-G as their plane performs parabolic arcs at 35,000 feet. Prices for the Zero-G Party start at US$9,900 which is considerable less than the US$95,000 it will cost to have a lager in space, plus you can sign up now.

Thirsty work.

Beer in Space with Thirsty Swagman
From US$95,000


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