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The Adventurists offers a selection of the heartiest adventures on the planet, from the legendary Mongolian Rally to the eagerly awaited Rickshaw Run South East Asia. These expeditions are as manly as they come, providing a stern test of driving, engineering prowess, map reading, Bear-Grylls-I-Can-Eat-Anything-Attitude and an unshakable digestive tract.

The Adventurists started the Mongolian Rally almost a decade ago but they've kept adding expeditions ever since. Now you can participate in events throughout the year which cover most continents and every climate, with various modes of transport to choose from. For instance if you enjoyed pony club but were savaged by bullies at school then you can finally show them the masculinity of equine sports by taking part in the Mongol Derby. At 1,000km it’s the longest and toughest horse race in the world.

The Adventurists takes care of all the organizational headaches so you can concentrate on the game at hand with other highlights including the Africa Rally, the Ice Run and Mototaxi Junket in South America. This year will see the inaugural Rickshaw Run South East Asia from Jakarta to Bangkok, and to give you an idea of price, that costs £1,095 per team including the vehicle hire, paperwork, start and finish parties and a team website.

A universal feature of the trips is the stunning landscape but the best part is the time away from the office. To enjoy one of these adventures you’ll probably have to have saved up a year's worth of holiday, be between jobs or on the breadline. Either way – what a time in your life.

Something to fantasise about in your lunch break.


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